how to draw a fishhow to draw a fish

What is the most popular fish in freshwater?

Bettas are one of the most popular freshwater fish around, especially with first time fish keepers. There are many varieties, each having different tail shapes and colors, from the Crowntail Betta to the Veiltail Betta. The males are the most sought after, because of their vivid colors and long flowing fins. They often have great personalities, so …

Why are betta fish shorter than captivity?

This is because the waters in which they live are not as regulated as a fish tank; they can become polluted, which can destroy food sources and plants and therefore reduce the lifespan of the fish. In the wild, males are also exposed …

What to plant in betta tank?

Some of the best plants to include in your Betta aquarium are: 1 Anacharis – This plant can survive in a wide range of conditions and grows really quickly; it’s almost impossible to kill. 2 Java Fern – They only grow to around 8 inches tall so won’t completely overrun the tank; keep in mind not to bury the roots though. 3 Java Moss – This is great to grow carpet walls, or achieve some aquascaping; it’s also really easy to take care of.

How many gallons of water do betta fish need?

Betta Fish require a tank which is at least 5 gallons. When you buy your Betta from a pet store, you’ll often find them being sold in cups or tiny 1 gallon tanks. The males are kept in these containers in shops because they will fight with one another if they are in the same tank.

How to keep betta fish warm?

Use a Filter and a Heater. It’s a common myth that because in the wild Betta Fish live in rice paddies, that they can tolerate unheated dirty water. The waters in Thailand are naturally heated due to their climate, so it’s important to use a heater in your tank. They are used to temperatures between 75-80°F.

Why are betta fish endangered?

Wild Betta Fish are actually in the vulnerable category on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species due to the amount of pollution they are exposed to and a loss of their habitat due to expansion in farming and development in Thailand.

How to tell if a fish is a fish?

You should be looking for a fish which is: 1 Bright in color (especially if it’s a male) 2 Has clear eyes 3 Responds when you place your hand on the tank

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